Kamppi Chapel of Silence


Welcome to Kamppi Chapel! 

Kamppi Chapel is a place for meeting people and appreciating peace and quiet in the centre of Helsinki. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in the chapel.  The chapel was designed by Mikko Summanen, Niko Sirola and Kimmo Lintula, architects belonging to the Helsinki-based practice, K2S Architects. The chapel is 11.5 metres tall and it is made of three different types of wood. The external walls of the chapel are made of spruce. The external walls are coated in a special type of wax that uses nanotechnology. The internal walls are made of alder that was milled into shape, while the fittings and internal door of the chapel are made of ash. The ceiling of the chapel contains plasterboard, which has a sound-proofing effect. The cross on the altar was made by silversmith Antti Nieminen. The silk paraments are the handiwork of textile artist Tiina Uimonen. The chapel is intended for personal peace and quiet. The chapel cannot normally be reserved for private events such as weddings. On occasions, weddings and christenings have been organised in the chapel. Short prayers are offered in the chapel but there is no church service on Sundays. Concerts are occasionally arranged in the chapel.

Visiting Kamppi Chapel

Photography is not allowed inside Kamppi Chapel. The noise made by cameras breaks the silence in the chapel. If you are a media representative and you wish to obtain a permit to take photographs inside the chapel, contact the chapel office by phone or email.  Kamppi Chapel was opened to the public in June 2012. Approximately 350,000 people visit the chapel annually.  Kamppi Chapel can accommodate up to 60 people at a time. Groups are free to visit the chapel during opening hours. If several large groups arrive at the same time, we may ask some people to wait a moment outside the chapel. If you are in a group and you would like the chapel staff to present the premises and the chapel’s activities, we ask that you book a presentation in advance by contacting the chapel office by phone or email. Guides should remind visitors that silence is essential inside the chapel. Due to the special acoustics of the premises, even whispers can be heard all around the chapel. During evening services (Fridays, 6pm) and concerts, large groups are not admitted to the chapel.


Simonkatu 7
00100 Helsinki

+358 50 578 1136

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