Terms of Sales


These general terms and conditions of use and sale apply to all buyers of the Helsinki City Pass. The Helsinki City Pass is operated by Helsinki Lines Oy, Pohjoisranta 4, Helsinki. The general terms of use and sale can be accessed online at any time on the website www.citypass.fi


The Helsinki City Pass aims to enhance the experience of tourists visiting Helsinki by providing access to various tourist sites and attractions. It consists of a unique digitalized QR Code pass in your smartphone. The Helsinki City Pass offers free or discounted entry to a selection of tourist sites as listed in the accompanying guide provided at the time of purchase and available on the website www.citypass.fi, subject to the conditions and limitations defined herein. The Helsinki City Pass is strictly personal and non-transferable, and it cannot be transferred or handed over to a third party.


These general terms of use govern the provision and usage of the Helsinki City Pass. By placing an order, the customer agrees to be bound by these general terms of use and sale without any reservations. Certain services or activities may have additional specific conditions imposed by the organizers or partner sites. In such cases, these specific conditions will be clearly communicated to the customer. These general terms of use pertain specifically to the Helsinki City Pass and do not encompass the specific conditions of the visits themselves, as the opening hours and arrangements are determined independently by each site. These general terms of use complement the general terms of sale of the respective sales partners. The customer's order is subject to the general terms of sale of the selling partner and the general terms of use of the Helsinki City Pass. Placing an order implies the customer's full and unconditional acceptance of both sets of terms.


These general terms of use apply from the moment they are accepted until the expiration date of the Helsinki City Pass.


The version of the general terms of use applicable to the customer is the version accepted by the customer at the time of the order. Helsinki Lines Oy archives different versions of the general terms of use, including paper, PDF, and Word formats. Customers can request access to the archived general terms of use by sending an email to info@citypass.fi. In the case of any conflict between the online version of the terms available at www.citypass.fi and any previous printed version, the online version prevails for any new pass purchase. Any updates to the general terms of use will be promptly communicated to the customer and the sales partner by Helsinki Lines Oy.


The Helsinki City Pass can only be purchased from authorized points of sale designated as "Helsinki City Pass points of sale" by us. The list of these authorized outlets is available on our website. Personal information and data about the Pass holder are required to process the order correctly. Failure to provide the necessary information may result in the order being unsuccessful. Placing an order implies the customer's full and unconditional acceptance of the general terms of sale of the selling partner and the general terms of use of the Helsinki City Pass. Payment of the order constitutes acceptance of the general terms of use and validation of the order.


The Helsinki City Pass is sold at a fixed price based on its validity, the age of the person using it, and any additional options, which can be purchased at www.citypass.fi . The price of the pass includes free or reduced-price admission to the partner sites offered to one adult or one child (up to and including 14 years of age) and under the conditions described on the information media. The pass cannot be transferred or sold to a third party. The pass's price includes the numbered laminated card and the accompanying guide, which lists the partner sites and their details. However, any additional costs related to processing and shipping will not be included in the price of the pass and will be communicated to the customer before the purchase. Temporary exhibitions and specific animations from partner sites are also not included in the price of the pass.

The Pass can be purchased from any Helsinki City Pass outlet, and all orders, regardless of their origin, must be paid in euros. The accepted payment methods are those available at the Helsinki City Pass application or webshop. The pass cannot be resold at a price higher than the price set by the Helsinki Lines Oy.


The Helsinki City Pass includes a fixed number of prepaid and dematerialized coupons, each of which grants free or discounted access to a partner site, as described in the information media. Prior to each visit, the pass holder must present the numbered laminated card to the partner site for validation. The pass is strictly personal and nominal and cannot be transferred or handed over to a third party. The partner site is entitled to request a photo ID from the holder of the Helsinki City Pass card, and the holder of the ID must match the name given by the seller at the time of the order and associated with the pass's card number. The list of partner sites is available on the information media made available to the customer. The pass does not grant priority access to any of the partner sites, and it does not include access to any activities offered by the sites.


At the time of purchase, the Helsinki City Pass outlet will collect the necessary data to assign the Helsinki City Pass to the user and activate the pass. From the first use of the pass at a partner site, the pass will be valid for a duration of 24, 48, or 72 hours, depending on the type of pass purchased, and can be used within the maximum limit of 3 days (consecutive or not). The pass must be activated no later than one year after the purchase date. The pass will be valid for one year from the purchase date. 


Upon purchasing the Helsinki City Pass, customers will receive an accompanying guide in its digitalized version, either given directly or uploaded by the customer to the Helsinki City Pass website. The accompanying guide provides a list of tourist sites that are contractual partners of the Helsinki City Pass.The accompanying guide includes the following information about partner sites: address, telephone number, website, days and hours of operation, and admission fares for non-Helsinki City Pass visitors (adults and children).The accompanying guide also lists the Helsinki City Pass outlets and their telephone contact details. Please note that the information provided in the accompanying guide is accurate at the time of its completion. While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, errors may occur for which Helsinki Lines Oy cannot be held responsible.

In the event of non-compliance with contractual obligations or in case of force majeure, Helsinki Lines Oy reserves the right to terminate the partnership with a partner site and remove the relevant visitation services from the Helsinki City Pass offer. In such cases, the pass holder cannot preemptively seek compensation, reimbursement, or any form of compensation for damages.

Please be aware that the opening days and hours of partner sites may be subject to change during the operation.

Partner sites are obligated to promptly inform Helsinki Lines Oy of any changes related to reception conditions, opening days and hours, as well as exceptional or permanent closures to ensure accurate information for Helsinki City Pass holders.

In case of any changes, Helsinki Lines Oy will update the information regarding partner sites on the Helsinki City Pass website.

Helsinki Lines Oy cannot be held responsible for changes in reception conditions at partner sites that may affect the smooth functioning or execution of the services offered as part of the Helsinki City Pass.

Prior to visiting any site, it is recommended that Helsinki City Pass holders directly contact the partner site to confirm the site's opening days, hours, and ticket counter closing time.


If a technical malfunction occurs with the Helsinki City Pass card, preventing the validation of a coupon when accessing a partner site, the pass holder should report it as soon as possible to one of the Helsinki City Pass sales points of their choice to exchange the card. In such cases, the data from the faulty card, including the end date of validity, remaining days of use, and available coupons, will be transferred to the new card. All rights acquired on the previous card will be transferred to the new card without any adverse consequences for the customer.

In the event of loss or theft, the Helsinki City Pass holder is solely responsible and cannot request a card exchange, replacement, or compensation.


The personal information and data related to the holder of the Helsinki City Pass are necessary for Helsinki Lines Oy to process the order accurately and are useful in case of any issues such as malfunction, loss, or theft of the Helsinki City Pass card. Failure to provide this information may result in an unsuccessful order.

Helsinki Lines Oy and the seller of the Helsinki City Pass will retain the information and data for security purposes, in compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

The data may be used by Helsinki Lines Oy for statistical analysis and commercial prospecting related to the Helsinki City Pass.

The holder of the Helsinki City Pass can exercise their rights of access and correction regarding their personal information by sending a written request to Helsinki Lines Oy at Pohjoisranta 4, Helsinki. 

The holder of the Helsinki City Pass has the right to object, at no cost, to the use of their personal data for prospecting purposes, including commercial activities.


In accordance with the applicable consumer laws, specifically Article [relevant article number] of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal as defined in Article [relevant article number] does not apply to contracts entered into for leisure activities scheduled for specific dates or periodicity.


For any inquiries or further information, the holder of the Helsinki City Pass is encouraged to contact the Customer Support of Helsinki Lines Oy during business hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 local Finnish time, at the following phone number: +358503888049 , or via email at hello@citypass.fi . Standard call charges will apply.

Any complaints should be submitted in writing no later than one week after the expiration of the Helsinki City Pass. They can be sent by post to: Pohjoisranta 4, Helsinki Finland , or by email to: hello@citypass.fi .

Helsinki Lines Oy is committed to responding to customer inquiries and complaints within one month of receiving the correspondence.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Finland. In case of any disputes arising from the contract, either party may request a conventional mediation procedure or alternative dispute resolution.

If no resolution is reached through mediation or alternative dispute resolution, the courts within the client's jurisdiction shall have the authority to settle the dispute.


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